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 Patient Engagement - Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The following Thought Leadership articles and Success Stories discuss industry defining topics in the intelligent data mining, untapped revenue, and patient engagement industry. We invite you to join us in the conversation.

Thought Leadership

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Finding Millions of Dollars In Untapped Revenue Is Easier Than You think

Just like oil deep in the ground, healthcare providers have millions of dollars of untapped revenue sitting deep in their clinical records... waiting to be tapped. 

Healthcare in 2023 - Increasing "Same Store Sales"

As we look to 2023, AI powered patient education and outreach tools to improve "same store sales" are a great way to Think Differently about healthcare revenue.

Why We Named Our Company Abax Health

Company names today are often confusing, challenging to pronounce (ours included), and often don’t reflect the mission and vision of the company. While this seems to be the way the business world works, we wanted to explain why we chose Abax Health as our name.

Success Stories

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Success Story

Referral Management - $4M New Revenue in 4 Weeks

Success Story

Authorization Management - $12M New Revenue in

4 Weeks

Abax Health Case Study 1 - Referral Management - 4M in 4 Weeks
Abax Health Case Study 1 - Authorizations ROI

Product Overview

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Abax Overview

Abax Overview Patient Engagement

Hospitals &

Health Systems

Abax - Health Systems and Medical Groups Patient Engagement


AbaxInsight Patient Engagement

Physicians &


Abax - Physicians Patient Engagement


AbaxAccess Patient Engagement

AccountableCare Organizations

Abax - ACO Patient Engagement
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