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About Us

Over 125 Years of Revenue Cycle and

Patient Access

Leadership Experience

Welcome to Abax Health

We are a group of passionate healthcare leaders looking to dramatically improve a part of the revenue cycle that needs improving:

Untapped Revenue and Patient Access.

Yea we know, not what most people spend their time thinking about. But we do... every day... all day... to the point of obsession (almost).

Our Story

Our story starts as all good stories do, from experience. After receiving a referral for a colonoscopy and "forgetting" about it for a year, our founder received a letter in the mail asking if he had gotten the colonoscopy. The reality was that he hadn't. On purpose.

And as a result, he didn't get the care he needed and the health system didn't get the revenue it needed. And, that got him thinking... 

How many other millions of patients don't get the care they need and their health systems don't get the revenue they need?

And from that, Abax Health was born. 


Our Vision: Ensure That Every Loved One Gets the Care They Need, When They Need It.


Our Mission: Solve Healthcare's Untapped Revenue and Patient Access Challenges

In order to achieve our Vision and Mission, we've developed industry leading Artificial Intelligence software that I
dentifies leaked untapped revenue, Quantifies the impact of that untapped revenue, and Acts on that lost revenue by using an automation powered human concierge team to schedule the patient for their care in the easiest manner possible.

That's it. Simple and immediate ROI for the health system and the patient.

Our highly experienced leadership team is thrilled to be solving healthcare's untapped revenue and patient access challenges.

Please reach out. We'd love to make healthcare better together!

Meet The Team

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