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Why We Named Our Company
Abax Health

Why We Named Our Company Abax Health

Abax Health – Scott Friesen - Founder | CEO

Why We Named Our Company Abax Health

Let’s admit it, company names today are often confusing, challenging to pronounce (ours included), and often don’t reflect the mission and vision of the company. While this seems to be the way the business world works, we wanted to explain why

we chose Abax Health as our name.


Our Vision is simple: “Uncover Healthcare's Untapped Revenue.” Whether it be wellness visits, elective, or emergent healthcare, our vision is to Identify, Quantify, and Act on healthcare's untapped revenue. The result, is that our client's can ensure that every patient who needs care, receives that care; when they need it. 

That said, many people (us included) avoid getting the care our doctors say we need due to three main reasons; fear, finances, or lack of time. In order to fix that, we built a clinical analytics platform that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) (to identify those patients who need care but haven’t gotten it) and combine it with empathetic and highly skilled Education and Outreach Concierge team members to use that AI to reach out to the patient and schedule the care on the patient’s behalf.

Knowing we wanted to help both health systems and patients improve, or “add up,” revenue and better health outcomes, we chose a company name that encapsulates the vision of a platform where patients and health systems can “add up” dramatically improved revenue and health benefits.


The result: Abax Health. The Ancient Greek defines Abax as “An ancient counting board containing grooves in which counters were placed.”


To illustrate this solution, let me share how an example from my own life defines this vision. During COVID, after receiving an annual physical, I also received a referral for a colonoscopy. And just like most people, I ignored the doctor’s referral to receive the health screening. What happened? The health system did not receive the revenue related to that procedure and I didn’t get the valuable preventative screening that my doctor said I needed. And guess what... both the health system and I lost out. We both lost. Abax Health’s mission is to change that.


If you’d like to improve your revenue and your patient’s health outcomes we would love to partner with you.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

Scott Friesen

Founder | CEO

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