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Patient Engagement - Patients

Receive the care you need,
when you need it.

Abax Health understands that often, life gets in the way of receiving the care we need. Whether it's because the care we need is financially out of reach, or we don’t have the time to receive the care we need, or we just don’t want to get the care we need, proactively managing our own healthcare is hard.

Abax also understands that we would love it if our doctors knew what we needed and then “chased us”to ensure we got the care we needed. Sort of like your grandmother constantly asking you if you’ve eaten enough or slept enough.

Our mission is to “flip the script” and ensure that our doctors chase us to ensure that we always receive the care we need, when we need it.





Individualized healthcare education based solely on what we need, when we need it.


Ongoing Health Conversations


Our doctors and Education and Outreach Concierge team helps us understand the care we need, why we need it, and the best and most convenient way to get that care.


Ongoing Health



Ongoing health reminders for routine procedures including annual tests, flu, COVID shots, etc.


Proactive Outreach


Using individualized clinical data and a robust communications plan, doctors can see what care we need, and “chase” us to ensure that we follow their prescribed care recommendations.


Easy-to-Schedule Reminders

Easy to schedule needed healthcare using automated text, phone, email, live chat, live human phone calls, and in-person home visits and on-site education, financial counseling, and scheduling.

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