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Patient Engagement - Pharmacy

Improve Revenue and
Patient Care

Abax believes that pharmacies are an integral part of their local communities. We also believe that healthcare is specific to the individual and that pharmacies play an integral part in their patient’s lives. They see the same patients on a regular basis, provide support and health guidance to their patients, and ensure that their patients continue the care that their providers recommended.


We also understand that one of the largest post-discharge risks to patients is not picking up the prescriptions that their physician referred.

Abax’s mission is to change that.

Our mission is to "fllip the script" and have the pharmacy chase the patient, not have the patient chase the pharmacy.

Abax Health’s cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning platform and dedicated Education and Outreach Concierge team uses the power of the patient’s pharmacy record to identify patients who have received a prescription for medication but have not received it. Then, with the patient’s prescription information in hand, using automated text, phone, email, live chat, live human phone calls, Abax’s Education and Outreach Concierge team connects with the patient, educates them on the prescription their physician said they needed, and informs them of the best time to receive that medication.



Increase Revenue


Eliminate un-fulfilled prescriptions and generate additional revenue.


Improve Patient Relationships


Proactively educate and engage with your patients on an on-going basis.

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Generate Incremental Add on Sales

Patients who pick up their prescriptions will purchase additional items.

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