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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 


This privacy policy (this “Policy”) describes the privacy practices of Abax Health herein after referred to “Abax” or “AH,” and applies to all Abax websites, online products, and online services. Please note that this Policy may change from time to time. Abax will provide notification of any change to this Policy at least 30 days prior to the change taking effect.


When you visit our site, you acknowledge that you may be providing, either actively or passively, Abax with two specific types of information: (i) information that you provide which personally identifies you or your business (the Personally Identifiable Information) and (ii) information that you provide, or that Abax collects as you interact with a Abax Online Offering, which does not personally identify you or your business (the Offering-Use Information).

Personally Identifiable Information. Throughout the Abax Online Offerings, you may voluntarily submit Personally Identifiable Information that personally identifies you and your business. For example, a Abax Online Offering may ask you to voluntarily submit Personally Identifiable Information if you request information regarding Abax’s products or services or request to schedule a consultation with an analyst, attempt to purchase any product or service from a Abax Online Offering, or register for a Abax Online Offering. Personally Identifiable Information includes, but is not limited to, your (i) name, (ii) title (iii) business’s name, (iv) department, (v) physical address, (vi) phone number, (vii) fax number, (viii) email address, and (ix) billing information.

Offering-Use Information. To help Abax tailor the Abax Online Offerings to the needs and interests of the Abax Online Offering’s visitors and users, Abax may collect various types of Offering-Use Information that do not identify you personally. For example, when you visit or use the Abax Online Offerings, Abax’s server, through the use of tracking devices, may collect Offering-Use Information pertaining to you, including your IP address, the length of time you spend using the Abax Online Offerings, which website pages you visited within the Abax Online Offerings, which site you visited before coming to the Abax Online Offerings, and which site you accessed when you left the Abax Online Offerings.


Abax reserves the right to place a text file called a “cookie” (or a piece of information transferred to your hard disk for record keeping purposes) in the browser files of your computer. The cookie itself does not contain information that would personally identify you, although it could enable Abax to relate your use of a Abax Online Offering to information that you have specifically and knowingly provided to such Abax Online Offering or another Abax Online Offering.


The Abax Online Offerings may provide interactive services, including bulletin board services, chat areas, and/or other message or communication facilities designed to enable you to interact with others. Abax does not control the messages, information, or files delivered to, or received from, such interactive services.


Notwithstanding any provision of this Policy to the contrary, Abax reserves the right always, and without needing further permission from you, to (i) disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental or law enforcement request, or discovery order or (ii) refuse to post or remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that, in Abax’s sole discretion, are objectionable or in violation of this Policy.


Abax uses commercially reasonable administrative, technical, human, and physical measures to protect your Personally Identifiable Information in Abax’s possession against loss and theft and unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification. In addition, Abax uses commercially reasonable methods to ensure that your Personally Identifiable Information is accurate, up-to-date, and appropriately complete within Abax’s systems. You warrant that you shall do the same. However, Abax cannot guarantee that any electronic commerce is totally secure. For example, Abax has no control over the information collected by your internet service provider or your employer (if any Abax Online Offering is made available to you through your employer or if you send Personally Identifiable Information to Abax through your employer-provided email account), or information that you disclose in a public forum. Any such third party that collects your Personally Identifiable Information may use the information in accordance with such third party’s terms and conditions of use (and related privacy policies), which may be different from this Policy. Abax is not responsible for any information collected by such third parties and/or how such information is used or maintained. Neither any third party nor Abax has the authority to make any representations or commitments on behalf of the other.


By using any Abax Online Offering, you are consenting to have your personal data, including your Personally Identifiable Information, transferred to, and processed in, the United States pursuant to this Policy. The Abax Online Offerings are currently hosted in the United States, but in some instances, may be hosted outside of the United States.


An Abax Online Offering may contain links to other sites. Those other sites may not have the same privacy policy as Abax, and Abax is not responsible for the privacy practices of those other sites. When you visit those other sites, you should read their privacy policies. This Policy applies solely to the Abax Online Offerings and the information collected by Abax through such offerings.


Except as described in this Policy, Abax will obtain your permission before Abax (i) uses your Personally Identifiable Information in a way that is inconsistent with the purpose for which it was submitted or (ii) shares your Personally Identifiable Information with third parties that are not affiliated with, in a contractual relationship with, or a service provider to, Abax. Abax will only use the Personally Identifiable Information you provide to Abax in a manner that is consistent with this Policy. Notwithstanding any provision of this Policy to the contrary, Personally Identifiable Information shall not include, and Abax shall be free to use, any and all information received from or regarding you that has been de-identified.

Abax may periodically use your email address to send you promotional materials related to Abax’s products and services and products and services of affiliates or business partners. If you want to stop receiving such materials from Abax, you should follow the unsubscribe instructions in any such email. Abax’s employees, agents, and contractors must have a business reason to obtain access to your Personally Identifiable Information. Abax may share your Personally Identifiable Information with (i) those who help Abax manage or provide a Abax Online Offering or process functionality offered by a Abax Online Offering (for example, order fulfillment, statistical analyses, and data processing) or (ii) outside contractors, agents, or sponsors who help Abax with the administration and maintenance of a Abax Online Offering or process functionality offered by a Abax Online Offering. These outside contractors, agents, or sponsors may temporarily store some information on their servers, but they may only use your Personally Identifiable Information to provide Abax with a specific service and not for any other purpose. Abax may also provide your Personally Identifiable Information to a third party in those instances where you have chosen to receive certain information and have been notified that the fulfillment of such a request requires the sharing of your Personally Identifiable Information.

There may be instances when Abax may access or disclose your Personally Identifiable Information or other information provided or posted by you without providing you a choice in order to (i) protect or defend the legal rights or property of (a) Abax, (b) any of Abax’s affiliated companies, or (c) an outside contractor or such contractor’s employees, agents, and contractors (including enforcement of Abax’s agreements), (ii) protect the safety and security of users of the Abax Online Offerings or members of the public, including acting in urgent circumstances, (iii) protect against fraud or for risk management purposes, or (iv) comply with the law or legal process or request by a law enforcement agency. In addition, if Abax sells, or desires to sell, all or part of Abax’s business or makes, or desires to make, a sale or transfer of all or a material part of Abax assets or equity or is otherwise involved, or desires to be involved, in a merger or transfer of all or a material part of Abax’s business, which Abax may do at Abax’s sole discretion and without requiring your consent, then Abax may disclose and/or transfer your Personally Identifiable Information to the party or parties involved in the transaction in connection with, and as part of, that transaction.


Abax will take commercially reasonable steps to correct any Personally Identifiable Information if you inform Abax that such Personally Identifiable Information is incorrect.


Abax is permitted to use the Offering-Use Information in Abax’s discretion. Accordingly, Abax reserves the right to aggregate Offering-Use Information with information collected from other visitors and users of the Abax Online Offerings to track overall visitor traffic patterns, which will allow Abax to develop statistics that are helpful to understanding use of the Abax Online Offerings. Abax may also use Offering-Use Information (i) to monitor, maintain, and improve the functionality of the Abax Online Offerings, making it more responsive to the needs of the visitors and users of the Abax Online Offerings, and (ii) for historical, statistical, scientific, or other purposes. Abax further reserves the right to use, sell, and assign for any and all purposes all Offering-Use Information; and you authorize Abax to use, sell, and assign, for any and all purposes, all Offering-Use Information.


If you would like to communicate with Abax Health about this Policy or Abax Health’s collection and/or use of your Personally Identifiable Information, please contact Abax Health at

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