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Patient Engagement - Abax Health Case Study

Success Story
Authorization Management

Generated $12 Million
In New Revenue In 4 Weeks

Patient Access Transformation - Authorization Management

The Challenge An integrated 60 hospital health system with 9,000+ providers was struggling to address a range of operational and staffing challenges including backlogged patient referral management, authorization, and scheduling processing. 


They engaged Abax Health to improve the patient and provider experience, enhance operational efficiency, and generate additional revenue for their health system.

Our Solution Abax addressed the organization’s challenges in the following ways:


  • Quantified financial impact of backlogged authorizations

  • Remotely deployed experienced education and outreach concierge team to eliminate backlog and ensure patients were scheduled in a timely and empathetic manner


Results After 4 weeks of engaging Abax:


  • $12M in incremental authorization based revenue

  • Departmental schedules filled

  • Increased patient care and outcomes due to improved authorization processes

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