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Patient Engagement - Health Systems

Health Systems and Medical Groups
Identify, Quantify, and Act
On Untapped Revenue Opportunities

Abax believes that when healthcare providers proactively manage their patient’s health, the patient, the health system and the medical group wins. We also believe that healthcare is specific to the individual and that a health system and medical group’s education and outreach campaigns should be individualized to the specific patient. Finally, we believe that if there is not an on-going conversation between the provider and the patient, revenue is lost, patient care suffers, and the patient will go to the provider where they can communicate with their provider in an easily and convenient manner.

Health System Woman

Our mission is to “flip the script” and have the physician chase the patient, not have the patient chase the physician

Abax Health’s cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning platform and dedicated Education and Outreach Concierge team uses the power of the patient’s clinical record to identify patients who need care but have not yet received it. Then, with the patient’s information in hand, using automated text, phone, email, live chat, live human phone calls, and in-person home visits, Abax’s Education and Outreach Concierge team connects with the patient, educates them on the care they need, and schedules that care in the most convenient manner possible.


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Increase Revenue

Identify, Quantify, and Act on untapped revenue opportunities

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Improve Patient Relationships


Proactively educate and engage with your patients on an

on-going basis.

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Exceed Value-Based

Care Agreements


Ensure that your patients have received every procedure needed to meet VBC agreements.    

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