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Abax Health Welcomes
Caleb Dobosh, Ph.D.
Director of
Data Science, Architecture, and AI

Abax Health Welcomes Caleb Dobosh - Director of Data Science, Architecture, and AI


WESTPORT, CT — January 2, 2024 — Abax Health (“Abax”), a leading provider of AI powered clinical analytics and patient engagement solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Caleb Dobosh as Director of Data Science, Architecture, and AI. With over 20 years of healthcare technology and software development history, Mr. Dobosh brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the healthcare industry, making him an invaluable addition to the Abax Health team.


“Abax Health is excited to welcome Caleb Dobosh as our new Director of Data Science, Architecture, and AI” said Stacey Fontenot, Chief Technology Officer of Abax Health. “With a diverse background and over 20 years of experience in database development, Caleb will be spearheading significant enhancements to Abax’s AI powered patient access platform.”


“Mr. Dobosh’s impressive journey, which includes degrees in accounting and Business Administration, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, has taken him across multiple industries, with a focus on healthcare, where he has spent over a decade. His proficiency in various platforms, including Microsoft Server, Oracle, and Sybase, will be invaluable at Abax. Moreover, Caleb's expertise in integrating AI and ML models to enhance client environments, particularly in Azure, aligns perfectly with our vision for this new product.”


Notably, Caleb has a history of innovation and success, having founded his own firm and receiving accolades like the Microsoft Global Data and AI Award. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he enjoys watching sports, traveling, and cherishing moments with his children.


Stacey Fontenot continues, “With Caleb at the helm of this transformative project, we are eager to see the positive impact it will have on our access engagements.”


Abax Health remains dedicated to its mission of using AI to generate new revenue streams for health systems and medical groups, and Caleb Dobosh’s appointment further underscores Abax’s commitment to achieving that goal. His leadership will be instrumental in driving Abax Health's AI powered patient access solutions to new heights.


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About Abax Health:

Abax Health is the leading clinical analytics and patient engagement company utilizing machine learning and AI driven technology to solve healthcare’s untapped revenue and patient access challenges. By integrating with our client’s EHR/PM solutions, Abax has Identified over $4 billion in untapped revenue/referrals, commonly referred to as network leakage.  Abax’s technology Identifies client’s open referrals, Quantifies the financial impact of those referrals and leverages our concierge patient access team to Act and engage the patient to get them scheduled for the care they need.  In addition, Abax provides outsourced and project-based services for client’s patient access staffing needs including - Scheduling, Registration, Insurance Verification, Authorization and Patient Estimation. 


For more information about Abax Health and our additive revenue patient access solutions, please visit

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