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Patient Engagement - Physicians

Identify, Quantify, and Act on Untapped Revenue Opportunities

Abax Health understands that providing exceptional clinical care is hard. We also understand that ensuring that patients continue to receive exceptional care once they leave the physician’s office is almost impossible. Physician’s just don’t have the time or resources to ensure that every patient continues to proactively manage their care once they leave the physician’s office.

Abax’s goal is to change that. Using our proprietary cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning platform and dedicated Education and Outreach Concierge team, physicians can proactively ensure that each one of their patients receives the care they need, when they need it.

Abax's mission is to identify every patient who has received a referral for care, has not received that care, and bring them back to your organization.


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Increase Revenue

Eliminate patient leakage and unfulfilled procedural referrals.

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Exceed Value-Based

Care Agreements


Ensure that your patients have received every procedure needed to meet VBC agreements.

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