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Patient Engagement - Health Systems

Health Systems and Medical Groups


Each week, physicians see hundreds of thousands of patients and refer a percentage of them to specialists for additional testing and procedures. 30% of those referrals never get scheduled or patients go to a competing health system to get the care they need, creating millions of dollars in revenue leakage annually.

Our mission is to solve healthcare's untapped revenue and patient access challenges.


Abax Health’s AI powered Clinical Analytics and Patient Engagement Software, AbaxInsight, Identifies untapped revenue sitting on your clinical records and Quantifies the financial impact of that untapped revenue. 


Then, with the patient’s clinical data in hand, AbaxInsight enables our Education and Outreach Concierge (EOC) team to Act on that untapped revenue. Using automated text, phone, email, live chat and in-person home visits, Abax’s EOCs connect with the patient, educates them on the care they need, and schedules the patient’s care in the most convenient manner possible.


Insight is Abax’s artificial intelligence and machine learning powered analytics platform mines the clinical record for untapped revenue opportunities. AbaxInsight identifies the untapped referrals / revenue and quantifies those referrals by applying the Medicare fee schedule, or your organization’s fee schedule to exhibit untapped revenue improvement opportunities.


Education is the platform and content through which our human Education and Outreach Concierge (EOC) Team provides detailed educational content to your patients.


Outreach is the personal engagement and automated processes which our human Education and Outreach Concierge (EOC) team uses to communicate with your patients.

Performance is our cloud-based dashboards that provide financial and performance insight untapped revenue opportunities at the enterprise, service line, procedure, physician, patient, location, and payor levels.


  • Release Untapped Revenue sitting on your clinical records


  • Increase Revenue


  • Increase Patient Volume


  • Friendly and Convenient Scheduling through our Automated and In-Person Communication Platform


  • Abax handles all administrative and financial clearance activities including: IV, Auth, and No Surprise Billing services


AbaxAccess’ support services are designed to provide Patient Access departments with the supplemental support they need to meet the growing staffing and quality needs of their patients. AbaxAccess services are designed to serve as an extension of your current Patient Access Department.


  • Registration Support Services


  • Scheduling Support Services


  • Authorization Support Services


  • Insurance Verification Support Services


  • No Surprise Billing (NSB) Support Services

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