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Patient Engagement - Award
Abax Health
Top AI Healthcare Provider 2024
Healthcare Tech Outlook

Top AI Healthcare Provider 2024

Healthcare Tech Outlook 

May 2024

Increased Revenue for Healthcare Organizations Along with Improved

Patient Access

Each week, physicians see hundreds of thousands of patients and refer a percentage

of them to specialists for additional testing and procedures. However, despite good

intentions, patients often do not schedule their appointments, due to financial

\concerns, fear of the outcome, confusion on how to manage their healthcare

provider’s network, or time constraints. This can lead to missed care and lost revenue

for health systems and medical groups.

Abax Health – an AI powered clinical analytics and patient engagement solutions firm —offers a win-win solution for both patients and healthcare organizations through their leading-edge AI powered referral data mining, patient access, and financial clearance software and services; AbaxInsight and AbaxAccess.

AbaxInsight uses Artificial Intelligence to identify when a physician has referred a patient for care but the patient has not received that care. Next, Abax quantifies the financial impact of that unscheduled referral. Finally, Abax uses AI powered text, phone, email, and live human phone calls to connect with the patient, educate the patient on the care they need and to schedule and financially clear the patient for the unscheduled care. Abax uses AI to tailor its patient outreach based on patient preferences, considering factors like when they typically check emails or texts. This personalized approach helps Abax effectively engage patients, answer questions, and guide them through their care journey. "Our outreach is timely and well- received by patients, significantly boosting response rates," says Keith Eggert, FHFMA and Chief Strategy Officer at Abax Health.

The AbaxInsight platform is EHR agnostic. However, for handling unscheduled referrals, Abax meticulously tailors its approach to each client's electronic health record system and workflow. This bespoke customization is a key differentiator for the company. AbaxAccess is another service that supports health systems and medical group’s patient access departments. The Abax team serves as an extension of their client’s patient access and financial clearance department. This allows Abax to efficiently manage and centralize scheduling and financial clearance, and handle other aspects of patient access with experienced representatives. Abax can train existing staff, provide short-term project support, or fully outsource these functions.“Our AI powered referral data mining software and services ensures patient care and much needed new revenue streams for health systems and medical groups,” says Scott Friesen, Founder and CEO of Abax Health.


Patient data security is a top priority for Abax Health. They employ strict measures to ensure privacy and maintain SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. They recently underwent a successful renewal audit and are pursuing HITRUST certification to further guarantee patient data confidentiality and security, as stated by Stacey Fontenot, CTO of Abax Health.

Abax Health prioritizes providing effective solutions with tangible results. Since Abax’s launch in late 2022, Abax has identified over $4 billion dollars in unscheduled referrals. In one case study, after three months from project start, Abax processed over 30,000 referrals, generating nearly $750,000 in new revenue for one health system. This achievement went beyond reconnecting patients; it also optimized account management, scheduling, and ensured continuity of care delivery.

Abax Health has a similar track record of assisting mission-oriented healthcare organizations.  "Looking ahead, we're excited about exploring how AI can further enhance our client services, patient care, and create seamless customer experiences," says Kevin Sleeper, Chief Growth Officer at Abax Health.

Empathy and selflessness are core values that shape the work of every Abax team member. They value teamwork, celebrate achievements, and encourage innovation and out-of-the- box thinking. This cultural alignment is a priority during recruitment to ensure a cohesive and progressive work environment. Abax Health is positioned to continue making significant strides in the healthcare industry. HT

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