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Why Choose Abax Health

Why Choose Abax Health

The reason is simple, Abax helps health systems and medical groups generate additive revenue using the patient data that is already sitting on their clinical records. 

Consider the following client success story. Abax identified $90M in unscheduled referrals at a mid-west health system. That $90M in revenue would have never been realized had Abax's analytics not Identified and Quantified those untapped referrals. Next, Abax's AI powered patient engagement software Acted on those  unscheduled referrals by conducting over 1 million automated patient engagement outreaches over the course of 6 months. Finally, Abax's experienced Education and Outreach Concierge patient access team engaged with their patients, conducted all financial clearance for those patients, and scheduled those patients in the most convenient manner possible.

The result, the mid-west health system generated $27M in additive revenue over the course of 12 months, fulfilled their mission of providing superior clinical care to their patients, and realized additive revenue streams which enabled them to exceed their annual budget. 

The results speak for themselves. Contact us today.

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